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2020 Vision: Accounting Insights

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I can't believe it's already fall, Q4 of 2019! All tax deadlines are behind us and now the only thing on business owners mind's are year-end and profits. Well, at least that's what you should be looking at and looking forward to.

Today I want to introduce of my new blog: 2020 Vision: Accounting Insights, a weekly post on a topic in modern and virtual accounting. Lets face it, it's almost 2020 and businesses are forming, growing, and moving faster than ever. However, most business owners are not aware of and can't keep up with all the new and constantly changing tools, apps, and laws related to your business's financial health. So, my goal is to provide the info you desperately need know, but don't have time to research and learn on your own.

My 2020 vision is to help small business owners grow from one man, sole-proprietor operations into formalized and staffed businesses. You went into business for yourself because you wanted to create a better life for you and your family. You never intended to have your whole life consumed by this business but somehow it is. If you are scratching your head over how to find the time to get the work done, market you company, close new sales, get paid, track all of your income and expenses, and stay compliant you will not want to miss all the info to come in this blog. Let's work together to help you see clearly and get lazier focused on growth and profit.

~Mysti Williams

Next week's topic: Cloud storage vs receipts

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